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Dinner Entrees

Dinner Mains

Dinner Set Menu

Dinner Banquet



To Start 

-Warm Turkish pide bread - garlic, olive, herb, ancovy or a mixed basket
-Warm Turkish pide bread with the chef's selection of gourmet dips
-Teatro platter con carne for two - the chef's choice of Mediterranean themed antipasto with a selection of cold and cured meats

-Caramelised onion & bluecheese tart, served with a fig & balsamic chutney (V)
-Szechuan spiced calamari, salad leaves & chili aioli (GF, LF)
-Smoked salmon, beetroot pannacotta, capers, and horseradish sour cream (GF)
-Chicken empanadas with corn relish, jalapenos & aioli

-Cauliflower croquette, roasted cauliflower puree with dates & a lemon thyme jus (V)
-Baked Atlantic salmon, fennel risotto with a turmeric and carrot puree (GF)
-Lamb & fennel terrine, potato mash in a creamy mushroom sauce (GF)
-Slow cooked beef brisket, roasted vegetable puree, butterbeans and a port wine jus
-Pasta of the day
-Salad of the day

-Vanilla bean pannacotta, star anise & blueberry coulis served with a crispy meringue (GF)
-Chocolate pudding, chocolate sauce, cream & red currants
-ANZAC biscuit crumb with strawberry icecream and strawberry mousse
-Peanut butter parfait with a walnut praline (GF)




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